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開(kāi)頭:my definition of success by bao jinlong(鮑金龍) it is easy to describe success in terms of money, fame and reputation. but i believe that success is not external. i believe that success comes from within. my definition of success is to be true to yourself, and be true to others. that means, that you must cherish your personal ideal even in the face of adversity. i also believe that success is not discriminatory. success is not restricted to such a class of people, in fact, it may be achieved by any person irrespective of his race, creed, gender and economic background. a good example of success is that of beethoven. he is one of the world's most famous composers, yet he was deaf. he could not hear the majestic pieces of music that he created. yet, in the face of this adversity, he was able to maintain his ideals--that of composing music.


開(kāi)頭:feeling of youth no young man believes he shall ever die. it was a saying of my brother's, and a fine one. there is a feeling of eternity in youth, which makes us amend for everything. to be young is to be as one of the immortal gods. one half of time indeed is flown-the other half remains in store for us with all its countletreasures; for there is no line drawn, and we see no limit to our hopes and wishes. we make the coming age our own-


開(kāi)頭:sino-japan problem is always a sensitive topic, a fuse which can trigger a serial of explosion. some so-called patriots argue that buying domestic products is patriotism and proclaim that in particular all the chinese should reject goods marked “made in japan”.


開(kāi)頭:即興演講英語(yǔ)題目 1. regarding grades,opinions are divided.some people think grades are important because they are true reflections of the ability and the academic achievement of the students and have to do with their future;others think that while grades are necessary,they do not mean everyhing and should not be overemphasized. what is your opinion about grades?


開(kāi)頭:i don't think so. printed books won't be abandoned in such a short time. i admit that new technology is developing fast. many advanced electronic products are gradually take the place of traditional tools. just like in university, teachers like to use multimedia in class for it is quite convenient and efficient. however, for our student, it is not realistic to study completely by electronic products.


開(kāi)頭:dream, everybody has. however, i think, the dream as the growth of the age, will change at any time! the dream of the age of three when i was 3 years old, although also just a girl, but, we also have a 3 years old dream! my dream is to every day can eat to the color seductive jelly beans! the kindergarten every day, dad and creak on his bicycle to pick me up, i will think, dad today will certainly bring color jelly beans to pick me up. but, want to return to, dad didn't often bring me eat jelly beans. at that time, i will run to dad's arms, with a peevish tone to dad said: 'dad, are you to buy me some color jelly beans?' father seems a little angry: 'oh, don't buy, not buy, jelly beans to eat many will have decayed tooth!' i still don't give up: 'i'm not eat every day, you can buy!' sometimes, after my request for a long time, father finally agreed to me, i am happy to eat a dream at the age of 3, fruity! the food is delicious.


開(kāi)頭:five thousand years of glorious civilization, the chinese, the four major inventions in the world bright with china. descendants are all proud of our nation, proud. we are proud, because china has a long history and splendid culture. five thousand years of glorious history of the chinese nation, settling the essence of eastern and western civilizations, revealing the dawn of human science, the history of civilization in the world with the enduring charm. four great inventions change the face of humanity as a whole, 'book of songs' to create a realistic world literature precedent, the romantic poetry of qu yuan to bring the extraordinary imagination of mankind, the prose of qin and han, tang, song, yuan, ming and qing fiction, confucius and mencius doctrine as well as 'the art of war', etc., all demonstrate the ancestors of the chinese nation rich emotion and wisdom.


開(kāi)頭:do you know what my favorite animal is? it is one of the most precious animals. their bodies are very long. they live in the sea. they live on fish, shrimps and so on. they are very clever. people often train them,so that they can give it show which brings people a lot of happiness and joy.


開(kāi)頭:關(guān)于即興英語(yǔ)演講稿范文 good morning teachers and fellow students. today we would like to introduce a few favorite books to you. my favorite book is (italian: cuore). this is a diary written by an italian boy enrico. the diary is about his life and study. it included various touching stories that happened around enrico, the mottos taught by his parents, as well as the wonderful ten 'monthly' stories told by his teacher during the class. every word in the chapter describes the word 'love'. from patriotism to friendship, and to the love between parents and child -- really touching.


開(kāi)頭:good evening, ladies and gentlemen: i'd like to start with a group of pictures. “modern and advanced”this society forgets, and ignores the other two thirds of human beings. it's far from the ideal! we call ideal as a utopian, a place where reality does not exist. a few people still look forward to the ideals. we make fun of them, considering they are naive. will we still be content to live in such a society, if misfortune drops to us? no! of cause not!


開(kāi)頭:after 10 years, i will be a marketing manager, working in a worldwild company. i like to communicate with others, so i got a perfect relationship with my colleagues and my customers. i am the key person in my company, together with my team we achieved many commercial gargets which brought handsome income and reputation for our company. i like my job, i got satisfaction and honour form it. of course it make me rich.


開(kāi)頭:good afternoon, my dear friends. i am very happy to meet you here.it is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special occation.first of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me.


開(kāi)頭:hello! everyone. i’m tony, an 11-year-old happy boy.i live with my parents and we love each other. i have many hobbies, such as sports, singing and reading books.and i love animals most. now i will tell you about my favorite animal.


開(kāi)頭:my campus lifewhen the breeze gently hold when liuxu savoury, when the sun put it golden glorious quietly around the cherry blossom trees on appered handsome; when the beautiful petals in the air to reach several commonly roll long, then gently landed, we are enjoying a brilliant happiness of campus life.


開(kāi)頭:關(guān)于小學(xué)生即興英語(yǔ)演講稿 hello, everyone, i’m liu dongdong. i’m a student. there are three people in my family—my father, mother and i. my father is 40 years old. he is a worker. i think he is a good worker. because he works very hard. he gets up very early every day and he works for more than 10 hours a day. so he is always busy, he looks very tired when he gets 小學(xué) home. he likes reading newspapers. he usually reads it after supper. so he gets lots of news.


開(kāi)頭:dear teacher, my dear students: good morning! i come from class ? grade ?, my speech is entitled 'i love my school.' towering at the foot of the iron roof temple, at the trans-north and the south side of xiangfan, in the post-rolling river foreshore, is located forward of a beauty school - middle school maoba.


開(kāi)頭:youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.


開(kāi)頭:小學(xué)生英語(yǔ)即興演講稿范文why does football get people into a frenzy? who is your idol? it may be napoleon, picasso, or michael jackson. but who is my idol? can you guess? it is ronaldo. he is the no. 1 super star of football.


開(kāi)頭:there is a wisdom called to let go, there is a kind of learning is called choice, there is a kind of victory is called a successful selection and composition of 500 15 choice and successful composition 500 words article 15. some give up, choose more suitable for their goals, may success closer.


開(kāi)頭:as food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and an infallible warrant of success in times of uncertainty.


i have a dreami am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.five score years ago, a great american, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the emancipation


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